Tea Latte Mixes

Our highly customizable suite of less-sweet tea lattes let you craft custom drinks with syrups and milk alternatives that your cafe's customers will love.


Our tea latte mixes are vegan and dairy free. Easy to combine with any milk alternatives

Great Taste

With low sugar per serving it makes it easy to customize to suit your customer's tastes. Our high-quality ingredients make for a consistent and delicious latte.

Convenient and easy

Same prep method for all

Ingredients your customers will love

Non-GMO fiber, vegan cane sugar, real spices!

What makes our wholesale tea lattes special?

Less Sweet, More Delicious

Our suite of less-sweet tea lattes feature just 4 grams of sugar, keeping your customers healthy and happy.

Dairy Free

Actual milk is so 2010. All of our tea lattes are dairy-free, so that you can offer them up using any milk alternative.

Recipes Galore

Less sweet and dairy-free means more customizable. And more customizable, means more recipes.

More than just a TEA COMPANY,

While we prefer to not take ourselves too seriously, we think commitment to our customers is the biggest deal there is.
If you’re a business and you’d like to talk tea, please get in touch.