Helping customers find the perfect cup.

Two Leaves and a Bud is an independent tea company from the mountains of Colorado. We deliver a rich, real tea experience to customers around the globe and around the corner.

We’ve made it our mission to keep searching for the perfect cup of organic wholesale tea, and it’s our passion to deliver it to your customers and our (somewhat cult-like!) consumers.

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A world of difference

What makes Two Leaves and a Bud
the perfect partner for your wholesale tea business?

Loose Tea

Our Organic Wholesale Tea

We pluck only the freshest, most tender part of the organic tea plant (that would be the ‘two leaves and a bud’ in our name), grown by farmers with generations of knowledge in sustainable tea production. When a blend calls for additional flavors, we gather natural ingredients instead of artificial flavoring agents.

Our Packaging

Our presentation isn’t only beautiful, it’s consciously designed – our commercially compostable eco-sachets are plant-based and petroleum-free. We keep it fresh (pun intended!) in distinctive clear wraps designed to decompose.
Organic Earl Grey Tea Sachet
Bamboo Presentation Box

Our Program

Our organic tea is rich and our wholesale tea program is broad, with products that star in any retail or restaurant outlet. Our delicious teas are beautifully delivered as whole leaf tea sachets, loose leaf, traditional teabags, iced tea, matcha and tea lattes. Our attractive displays and marketing materials round out your impressive presentation.

Our Tea(m)

We’re a small, independent company, and we’ve made our reputation by being kind and accessible — and having great tea. We’ll work with you from the very first contact to make tea simple, profitable, and enjoyable. And delicious. Did we mention delicious?
Two Leaves and a Bud Team

Cafe? Restaurant? University? Office? Intergalactic Space Station?

No matter what your wholesale tea needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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Learn more about Two Leaves and a Bud

Great wholesale tea tends to get great reviews

See what our customers have to say about us.

“Two Leaves and a Bud has been a valuable partner for The Lodge at Woodloch. Jen is a fantastic ambassador for Two Leaves, always knowledgeable about their latest products and willing to offer creative suggestions for classes and assistance with POS. Her warm demeanor makes it a joy to work with her. The ordering process is super easy on their online portal, delivery quick. Our guests enjoy the tea stations all over property and come in to purchase their favorite teas before they leave our resort.” Ruth Casella, Retail Manager, The Lodge at Woodloch
"As a Direct Trade coffee roasting company, we were immediately drawn to the connection Two Leaves has to their tea sources. This spoke to us. Not to mention....the tea tastes great! Seeing the leaves in the sachet visually alerts the consumer to the quality of the product. And then there is the Two Leaves team who exhibit a commitment to service and support that can be a rarity today. Their knowledge, resourcefulness and willingness to help grow our business makes the experience more than just a seller to buyer transaction. It is a true relationship." Simon Thompson, Founder, Craven’s Coffee
"Waterfall Gourmet Beverages has carried many different lines through our more than 20 years of business. Some have been extra special to us. We consider Two leaves to be one of those lines. Having the privilege to work with Jen has also been a vital reason why the line has been so successful in our market. We are grateful to Two Leaves for helping us continue to do what we love, and allowing us to look forward to walking into accounts with their product." Douglas Stanley Kuehn, COO, Waterfall Gourmet Beverages
"We have been with Two Leaves and a Bud for more than a decade now. Their product line has always been great and they introduce new products that keep up with the evolving customer. From a customer service side, it is refreshing to be able to pick up the phone and reach their knowledgeable and friendly staff. Two Leaves and a Bud fills our wholesale product line to the 'tea'." Matt Donovan, Owner, True Brew Beverages Services LLC
Iced Tea Glasses


Tools & Technology

Take a look at all of the resources your business can access when you work with Two Leaves and a Bud.

Easy online reordering: Use our ordering platform to easily restock your customers’ favorite tea!
Recipes and tips: Looking for new recipes your customers will love? Education or tips about tea? Get all the goods at our blog.
Point-of-Sale: Attractive, functional displays help you sell more tea. View our options, and we’ll get you set up with whatever you need.
Photo assets: If you'd like to use our photographic or graphic resources to help you showcase Two Leaves and a Bud, just email us.

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Partner is a serious word.

While we prefer to not take ourselves too seriously, we think commitment to our customers is the biggest deal there is.

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