Iced Tea

Delicious wholesale iced teas that are hugely profitable for your business. Hmm... what could be better?

Economical, Eco-friendly and Healthy

Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier, eco-friendly beverage options as alternatives to soda. Your customers will be impressed by the taste of our fresh-brewed Organic iced teas. No calories or sugar, all natural, full of antioxidants


Profitable at just a 10 cents per serving cost to you Use your own water instead of paying for and shipping around bottles and water (comparing to RTD)

Package Size options

3 gallon portion packs of loose tea for a 3 gallon brewer. Easy and consistant. No commercial brewer? Use our 1 gallon filter bags to make 1-3 gallons easily with any BPA free pitcher.

Point of Sale support

We offer flavor-specific wraps that fit 3.5 g narrow profile stainless steel dispensers

What makes our wholesale iced tea special?


We've always been known for great tea. The same rule applies when you ice it fresh.


Our bulk iced tea clocks in at just under a penny per ounce of tea – when you're serving tasty and refreshing iced tea for $2 – $4 a glass, that's some easy profit.

It's Easy

Our 1-gallon filter bag doesn't require commercial brewer. If you do have a commercial brewer, our 3-gallon portion packs brew up easily, quickly and consistently.

More than just a TEA COMPANY,

While we prefer to not take ourselves too seriously, we think commitment to our customers is the biggest deal there is.
If you’re a business and you’d like to talk tea, please get in touch.