While we prefer to not take ourselves too seriously, we think commitment to our customers is the biggest deal there is.

Why partner with TWO LEAVES AND A BUD?

We’re a small, independent company, and we’ve made our reputation by being kind and accessible — and having great tea. We’ll work with you from the very first contact to make tea simple, profitable, and enjoyable. And delicious. Did we mention delicious?

Box of tea and a few cups of brewed tea on a countertop

When you partner with us, you get

Our Tea

You’ll taste the difference and so will your customers. That’s because we use quality ingredients, as opposed to blending teas masked with flavoring. We source organic, fairly traded teas because sustainability matters to us, just like it does to your customers.

Compostable sachet, tag, and wrapper logo

Our Packaging

We are on a mission to convert all our packaging to 100% compostable. Our tea sachets and the cute little clear over-wrappers that they are packed in, are compostable. Yep, no kidding. We are working to convert all our packaging to compostable.


Our community stretches from the gardens and people that grow and harvest our tea to our every-day tea drinkers who look for a better cup of tea. What is inside our tea sachets is the result of years of collaboration with the finest organic tea gardens across the globe.


We don’t give away scholarships, but we do give away free samples. Taste tea. Learn about it. And have some fun in the process.

Interested in working together?

If you’re a business and you’d like to talk tea, please fill out our contact form. We look forward to connecting.