Tea to the Moon and Back

You’re an astronaut. And you like tea. A perfect cup of tea, to be exact.

Why Intergalactic Space Stations Love
Two Leaves and a Bud

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A Quality Range

Alternative lattes. Whole leaf tea. Iced tea. Functional point-of-sale. Eco-friendly packaging. Two Leaves and a Bud has everything you need to make your time in space feel like home.
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Our Independence

We’re small and independent — just like your intergalactic space station. Oh, wait a second...that doesn’t make sense at all. Let’s just leave it at “we’re small and independent.”
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Our Values

We love delicious stuff. You miss delicious stuff. Feels like we’re a match made in heaven.

Our Space Station Tea Program

Browse our recommended products for space stations below, or you can view our full space station catalogue here.

Alternative Lattes

Tea Lattes

Our suite of less-sweet chai, matcha and turmeric lattes feature just 4 grams of sugar and are dairy-free, so that you can customize every drink with syrups and milk alternatives your space station’s riders will love.

Learn more about Tea Lattes
Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

Whole Leaf Tea

We believe tea itself should taste good — not just the flavorings that come with it. Offer your crew delicious whole leaf tea in our plant-based, eco-sachets and biodegradable wrappers — perfect for your space station composter.

Learn more about Whole Leaf Tea
Iced Tea Glasses

Iced Tea

At just 10 cents per serving, our 1 gallon filter bag doesn’t require a commercial brewer, which is pretty good news considering that we’ve never heard of a commercial brewer existing on a space ship.

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Point of Sale Options

Point of Sale

Plaster your space station with Two Leaves and a Bud displays. Our convenient display racks keep sachets tucked inside their boxes so that you don’t happen to spot a sachet of tea floating by during your next space battle.

Learn more about Paisley Label Tea
Nine Bar Steamer

The Nine Bar Steamer

Our Nine Bar Steamer gives your space station some extra steam! Basically, if your engines go out, just keep pressing our automated “steaming wand” and you’ll make it to your destination...eventually.

Learn more about the Nine Bar Steamer

Did we make you chuckle?

We like to keep it fun – it is just tea after all. If your other tea provider can’t make you laugh, fill out the form below and let’s do some business over a perfect cup of tea.

Looking to brew up some samples?

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