Our Retail Tea Program

Let your customers fall in love with our lineup of unique and beautiful teas for retail, with packaging designed to catch the eye and sell off the shelf.

Why Our Retail Tea Customers Love Two Leaves and a Bud

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Packaging Designed to Sell

Our lineup of both organic whole leaf tea in sachets and Paisley traditional paper tea bags are designed to catch your retail customers’ eyes with bright, beautiful colors and impactful images of our tea.
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A Range to Match (Almost) Every Need

From whole leaf teas, to wellness teas, to traditional paper tea bags, we have a complete range of organic teas that match what your retail customers want.
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Specialty Deserves Something Special

We exited most of the major grocery outlets years ago. That means that you have the opportunity to offer something truly special to your retail customers.

Our Offerings for Retail Tea

Browse our recommended products for tea retailers below, or you can view our full retail tea catalogue here.

Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

We believe tea itself should taste good – not just the flavorings that come with it. Offer customers delicious whole leaf tea in our plant-based, eco-sachets and biodegradable wrappers.

Learn more about Whole Leaf Tea
Traditional Tea Bags

Traditional Tea Bags

Our line of paper tea bags – called Paisley Label Tea – is premium, fairly traded, organic tea that is as tasty as it is affordable. Plus, the retail boxes positively pop on your shelf!

Learn more about Paisley Label Tea
Single-Serve Matcha

Single-Serve Matcha

Our organic, ceremonial-grade matcha green tea comes in single-serve sticks that can be added to a  water bottle or whisked into a traditional hot matcha green tea. Perfect for customers looking for a healthy green tea boost!

Learn more about Single-Serve Matcha

Looking to brew up some samples?

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