Our Foodservice Tea Program

In foodservice, it’s not just about food – it’s also about experience. Whether you’re serving iced or hot tea, offer your customers a perfect cup that's just as delicious as the food you serve everyday.

Why Our Foodservice Tea Customers Love Two Leaves and a Bud

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Beauty, Inside and Outside the Cup

From our bamboo display box to our delicious, individually wrapped whole leaf tea sachets that unfurl in your customer’s cup, Two Leaves and a Bud’s entire program has been built to leave a lasting impression with your guests.
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Profitability Matters

Our iced tea clocks in at just under a penny per ounce of tea — when you’re serving tasty and refreshing iced tea for $2 - $4 a glass, that’s some easy profit that helps you grow your business.
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Ease of Preparation

Two Leaves and a Bud offers the experience of serving loose tea, but in an individually wrapped tea sachet. That means contactless serving options for a more hygienic serving experience, as well as speed and ease for your waitstaff and your customers.

Our Foodservice Tea Program

Browse our recommended products below, or you can view our full foodservice tea catalogue here.

Iced Tea Glasses

Iced Tea

At just 10 cents per serving, our 1-gallon filter bag doesn’t require a commercial brewer. If you do have a commercial brewer, our 3-gallon portion packs brew up easily, quickly and consistently. Both taste delicious and are hugely profitable. Hmmm...what could be better?

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Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

We believe tea itself should taste good — not just the flavorings that come with it. Offer your customers delicious whole leaf tea in our plant-based, compostable eco-sachets with wraps designed to decompose.

Learn more about Whole Leaf Tea
Paisley Traditional Tea Bags

Traditional Tea Bags

Our line of traditional paper tea bags, called Paisley Label Tea, is premium, fairly traded, organic tea that is as tasty as it is affordable. Did we mention they are also oh-so-stylish!

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Point of Sale

Service Options

Our point of sale features touchless displays that have been designed to impress your guests and leave them with a lasting impression about the quality of your operation.

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Nine Bar Steamer

Nine Bar Steamer

Our Nine Bar Steamer gives you steam! Create barista-quality alternative lattes your guests will love with this automated steamer that’s small and easy-to-use.

Learn more about the Nine Bar Steamer

Fancy a Sample?

What better way to start a conversation than over a cup of tea? Fill out the form below and we’ll have samples sent to you.