Our Drive-Thru Tea Program

While your space might be small, your flavors can always be big. For your customers on-the-go, go with Two Leaves and a Bud.

Why Drive-Thrus Love Two Leaves and a Bud

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A Quality Range

For the customer looking for fast, convenient deliciousness, you can offer Two Leaves and a Bud alternative lattes, whole leaf tea, traditional tea bags and iced tea.
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Small Footprint

A small space requires convenient (and cute!) packaging. Our individually wrapped tea packaging, 1-gallon iced tea brew packs and small-space point of sale options help you offer and promote more product with less space. 
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Healthful and Hygienic

Our individually wrapped whole leaf tea sachets and Paisley Label tea bags mean that our teas remain untouched until the moment they start steeping.

Our Drive-Thru Tea Program

Browse our recommended products for drive-thrus below, or you can view our full drive-thru catalogue here.

Alternative Lattes

Alternative Lattes

Our suite of less-sweet chai, matcha and turmeric lattes feature just 4 grams of sugar and are dairy-free, so that you can customize every drink with syrups and milk alternatives your drive-thru customers will love. And don’t forget our single-serve matcha sticks for ceremonial grade, traditional matcha tea.

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Whole Leaf Teas Sachets

Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

We believe tea itself should taste good – not just the flavorings that come with it. Offer customers delicious whole leaf tea in our plant-based, eco-sachets with biodegradable wrappers.

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Traditional Tea Bags

Traditional Tea Bags

Our line of paper teabags – called Paisley Label Tea – is premium, fairly traded, organic tea that is as tasty as it is affordable.

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Iced Tea Glasses

Iced Tea

At just 10 cents per serving, our 1 gallon filter bag doesn’t require a commercial brewer, tastes delicious and is hugely profitable for your drive-thru. Hmmm...what could be better?

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Tea Display Tins

Complimentary Point of Sale

Sell more tea with small-space point of sale and window clings that promote your tea program without using much-needed real estate.

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Nine Bar Steamer

Nine Bar Steamer

Our Nine Bar Steamer gives your drive-thru some extra steam! Turn out barista quality lattes faster with this automated steamer that’s small and easy-to-use. And no plumbing is required! 

Learn more about the Nine Bar Steamer

Let's drive!

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