Our Distributor Tea Program

When it comes to being a distributor, you need a great partner just as much as you need great products. Experience a tea(m) that truly gets to know your business and helps to grow it!

Why Distributors Love Two Leaves and a Bud

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An Extension of Your Team

We’re an experienced, kind, accessible team of tea lovers that exists to get to know your business, its preferences and how we can help you grow.
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Everything in One Place

Whether your customers are looking for whole leaf teas, traditional tea bags, loose tea or alternative tea lattes, we’ve got you covered. We also provide a variety of display options and ongoing support such as pre-filled display racks to make converting new customers easy.
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Beyond Support

These days, your employees and your customers care about your commitment to sustainability. Two Leaves and a Bud’s eco-sachets are compostable, and our individual wrappers are designed to decompose, too!

What We Offer

Browse our recommended products for distributors below, or you can view our full distributor catalogue here.

Whole Leaf Tea Sachets

Whole Leaf Tea - Sachets or Loose Leaf

We believe tea itself should taste good — not just the flavorings that come with it. Offer delicious whole leaf tea in our plant based, compostable eco-sachets or in loose leaf format.

Learn more about Whole Leaf Tea
Traditional Tea Bags

Traditional Tea Bags

Our line of traditional paper tea bags, called Paisley Label Tea, is premium, fairly traded, organic tea that is as tasty as it is affordable. This is a great upgrade for customers already serving paper tea bags who may not be ready to switch to whole leaf tea. 

Learn more about Paisley Label Tea
Tea Lattes

Alternative Lattes

Our suite of less-sweet chai, matcha and turmeric lattes feature just 4 grams of sugar per serving and are dairy-free, so that your customers can customize every drink with syrups and milk alternatives that their customers will love.

Learn more about Tea Lattes
Iced Tea Glasses

Iced Tea

At just 10 cents per serving, our iced tea is hugely profitable and tastes absolutely delicious. Hmmm...what could be better? We offer several flavors and two brew options: 1 oz filter bags to brew a gallon of tea or 3 oz portion packs for a 3 gallon commercial brewer.

Learn more about Iced Tea
Point of Sale Options

Point of Sale

We offer a complete range of point-of-sale options that help your customers liven up their store and sell more tea.

Learn more about Point of Sale
Nine Bar Steamer

Nine Bar Steamer

Our Nine Bar Steamer gives business some extra steam! They'll turn out barista-quality lattes faster and spend more time interacting with customers with this automated steamer that’s small, easy-to-use, and doesn't require plumbing. Perfect for cafes that need a dedicated nut-free or dairy-free steamer at a low cost.

Learn more about the Nine Bar Steamer

Samples anyone?

What better way to start a conversation than over a cup of tea? Fill out the form below and we’ll have samples sent to you immediately.